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PLS Ltd is an ExxonMobil Strategic Distributor that follows DPIM and is an active member of the ExxonMobil Elite Club.

Premium Lubrication Services Ltd (PLS Ltd) was founded on January 2005 after being chosen by ExxonMobilas a representative for the distribution of Mobil & Esso lubricants in Cyprus.

Their selection standards, that have since become the main focus of PLS Ltd, were preserving the high reputation of ExxonMobil lubricants and presenting a complete range of high quality services.

ExxonMobil, one of the largest organizations worldwide, actively supports the work of PLS Ltd in Cyprus by providing continuous scientific & technical support for all provided services, so that the targets we set in cooperation with our clients are successfully reached.

Mobil Lubricants Distributor Product Integrity Manual (DPIM)

The ExxonMobil Distributor Product Integrity Manual (DPIM) system is used by ExxonMobil Strategic Distributors across the world as the minimum requirements and guidelines in its own practices, documented procedures and processes in handling products manufactured by ExxonMobil.

It includes packaged product receiving, storage and shipping of all L&S products, finished lubricant bulk product receiving, storage and shipping, finished product packaging from bulk and repackaging from one container to another.

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